Launch of Project Neutral in the Junction



Paul Mero, Green 13

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Project Neutral Overview

  • What we are trying to achieve
  • Definition of carbon neutral
  • How the project will proceed (Survey, Analysis, Project Proposals, Summit)

Julie Dzerowicz

Karen Nasmith

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MPP Cheri DiNovo

Councillor Sarah Doucette

Survey Details

Ashley Smith

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Energy [R]evolution

Keith Stewart, Greenpeace

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Eden Mills' experience going carbon neutral

Charles Simon
Linda Sword

Eden Mills children's choir

Paul Mero about Eden Mills

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Change in the Junction

Neil Ross, West Toronto Junction Historical Society

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Green 13 Neighbourhood Plan

  • Neighbourhood outreach, participation, & engagement
  • Invitation for survey participation. Call for volunteers.

Rita Bijons

Paul Mero

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Q & A session

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Video greetings

David Miller

Peggy Nash, MP

David Miller

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Music by Eddy and Maddy

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