Moving Forward

An Invitation to: Gathering Strength in Times of Climate Change
A Directed Reflection Workshop
Multi-Faith Centre, University of Toronto, 569 Spadina Ave
November 14, 2010 (1–4pm)

The grave existential threat of our times is the impending collapse of sustainable support for complex life forms, including humans. In the face of this reality, we address the questions: how can we possibly respond? How do we want to live? What can be our present and future roles in response...

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Front Yard Veg Plots

Please copy and paste these addresses into your browser:

Here's an article on front yard veg plots:

Here's another article on front yard veg plots:

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Election Day


As you are no doubt aware, Monday, October 25th is election day. Green 13 encourages you to consider environmental issues when casting your vote for Mayor and Councillor.

The Toronto Environmental Alliance - in a campaign we supported - have worked hard to make a range of issues related to environmental concerns a priority in this election. They have also surveyed the political candidates on these issues and shared and ranked their responses on their website -...

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Clean Train Coalition Update

GO ELECTRIC a success!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Go Electric Music Festival on September 26th. The weather held out, the acts were fantastic, and over 400 letters were signed to Premier McGuinty and other key Ministers advocating for electrification!

On top of the letters, community members decorated squares on the "Go Electic Quilt" which was featured alongside other pro-electrification works as part of Nuit Blanche. Very cool.

We'd like to extend a...

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Green 13 upcoming meetings

Please join Green 13 for a 6:30pm start at their meetings listed below:

We now have confirmation of dates for our Green 13 meetings at Annette Branch Library, with our thanks to Pam Mountain.

At our last meeting we clarified certain difficulties - such as the Oct. 25 election day, and lined up as many dates as possible withthe 4th Monday each month.

Please note below that in place of the originally anticipated Oct. 25 date, we are meeting on Monday, November 1st, and...

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