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Ontario's Climate Act: From Plan to Progress - Webinar


Webinar with Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner Dianne Saxe
Thur. Feb. 15, 2 – 3 p.m.
From putting a price on carbon pollution to spending cap and trade revenue, Ontario’s Climate Act: From Plan to Progress examines the government’s range of climate-related policy initiatives since the introduction of its Climate Change Action Plan.

From Lake to Tap - How Toronto's Drinking Water System Works


Toronto Water every day treats, transmits, stores, and distributes over 1 billion litres of potable water to all water users in the City of Toronto. This seminar will explain how Toronto gets water from the lake to your tap. Presented with the East Toronto Chapter of Professional Engineers Ontario. Free.

Climate Change and Canadians: New Public Opinion Research by EcoAnalytics - A webinar


As floods and wildfires become more frequent and fearsome, and climate action finds its way into federal policy, are Canadians’ beliefs and attitudes about climate change, and how to address it, changing? What do they really think about carbon pricing? And what are the most powerful narrative frames for engaging them on this all important issue? $20

Fertilizer Application & Water Quality of Western Lake Erie Basin: Webinar


The International Joint Commission of Canada and the United States will present their report, the result of an assessment conducted to understand the influence of past, current and possible future nonpoint agricultural runoff of phosphorus into western Lake Erie, and their potential to cause eutrophic conditions and nuisance and harmful algal blooms (HABs).

Project Drawdown


Project Drawdown, founded by author and environmentalist, Paul Hawken, is a scientifically based, comprehensive plan to implement the top 80 solutions to reverse global warming by 2050. The book sets out the solutions, the math and the economics of how we can actually do this in an inspirational and accessible way.


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