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Silence of the Labs (free screening and discussion)


Free screening (45 min.) and discussion of the documentary filmed by CBC's Fifth Estate. The effects of this current federal government's cuts to funding,  and termination of scientific research will be discussed.

Presented by University of Toronto Environmental Action

BCSEA Webinar: Climate Action at the Local Level: Community Change-Makers in British Columbia


What are British Columbia's cities, towns and communities doing to tackle the climate crisis? There are some great initiatives and innovations happening on the ground.

Ethical Considerations for Early Warning Systems in Relation to Climate Change


KERRY BOWMAN, Bioethicist, Joint Centre for Bioethics, University of Toronto
(brief bio below) 

TOPIC: “Ethical Considerations for Early Warning Systems in Relation to Climate Change”
(abstract below)
Please note that refreshments will be served prior to each seminar at around 3:45pm in Rm. ES 1042, 5 Bancroft Avenue, Earth Sciences Building

Public Transit as an Instrument of Freedom


Join Chief Planner Jennifer Keesmaat and author Jarrett Walker in the next keynote address in the "Feeling Congested?" campaign.  Learn and discuss how public transit can facilitate prosperity and be used as an instrument of freedom.


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