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Invitation to visit the Ketchums' 100% off grid house



The house is powered by solar and wind, waste water irrigates an indoor garden, composting toilets, rain water collection,
north and east sides are underground providing warmth in winter and cooling in summer.

Lots of info on the web

Ice Storm Open House on April 22 : Trees


The 2013 extreme ice storm devastated Toronto’s tree canopy on both private and public land. Property owners want to know what their responsibilities are and how to maintain or replace their damaged trees as the spring season approaches. As clean up progresses, questions still remain: What do we know about the extent of the damage? Who’s responsible for the trees in our neighbourhoods? How can residents access reputable professionals to assess the health and safety of private trees?

Emergency Preparedness Meeting


Learn to prepare your family and your property in the event of severe storms, natural disasters or accidents. Representatives of The Office of Emergency Management, Toronto Water, Toronto Hydro, Forestry, LEAF, Fire Prevention, Red Cross, and The Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction will be in attendance to provide information and address your concerns.
This public meeting is hosted by Councillor Sarah Doucette.



Treemobile - Delivering Trees to Build Resilience

Fruit tree delivery or pick-up Sunday April 27 - order by April 17!

Sea Sick: How We're Pushing the Planet Toward Mass Extinction


Journalist and author Alanna Mitchell talks about her travels around the world with scientists who are racing to understand how we're changing the ocaean's chemistry and its ability to support lif on the planet.

See: http://www.torontopubliclibrary.ca/detail.jsp?Entt=RDMEVT154113&R=EVT154113


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