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THUR, MAR 22, 11:00 a.m., Rm. 244, Galbraith Building, 35 St. George Street MARTINO TRAN, University of British Columbia


ABSTRACT: Cities contain over half the world’s population, consume two-thirds of global energy, and are highly vulnerable to climate change. Advances in information technology enabling more intelligent and responsive urban infrastructure has the potential to improve city operations and manage demand. Historically, planning and investment for urban infrastructure has been done sector-by-sector, but infrastructure is becoming more interdependent due to rising cross-sector demands, climate change policy and increasing use of information and communication technologies (ICT).

Can older homes be cozy and fossil-free?


Speakers: Gord Fraser (The Ravina Project) and Sheena Sharp (Coolearth Architecture)
Read more: http://www.gn21.ca/can-older-homes-be-cozy-and-fossil-free

Community Focus Group: Rail Emergency Preparedness Toolkit


Community Focus Group: Rail Emergency Preparedness Toolkit
On Sunday, August 21, 2016, two trains collided in west Toronto around 5:20 am.  Alarmed residents weren't sure what to do while crews scrambled to contain a diesel fuel leak.  In response, Safe Rail Communities has developed a Rail Emergency Preparedness toolkit, with partial funding provided by Transport Canada.  Now is your chance to share your thoughts on this new national resource.
#Take Part
Contact infosaferail@gmail.com to register and participate

Urban Hens Workshop


Learn more about Toronto's Urban hen pilot project coming to Ward 13.


• Toronto Municipal Licensing and Standards Staff

• Lorraine Johnson - author of City Farmer: Adventures in Urban Food Growing

Adam Dirks - an urban farmer with PACT Grow to Learn

addressing your questions and teaching  you the tools and skills needed to keep backyard hens safe and happy.

More Tales of Toronto Transit


The Junction has already been electric! Join local transit enthusiasts Trevor Parkins-Sciberras (WTJHS member) and David Reigate for an enjoyable and interesting presentation of the history of Toronto Transit with a focus on public transportation in the Junction neighbourhood. There will also be a display of wonderful Lego replicas of TTC vehicles.


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