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Forum: How to Save the World in a Hurry


This 2-day forum is hosted by Science for Peace, which writes:

"Humanity faces at least six threats that could kill a billion people or more in a short interval:

War and weapons (especially nuclear) • Global warming • Famine • Pandemics • Massive radiation exposure from reactor accidents • Cyber attacks.

Because these are causally connected as a system, it is best to devise public policy solutions for them together.

Soil Health


Regenerative agriculture farmer and life-long environmentalist Jocelyn Molyneux will discuss the importance of building life in your soil, including its connection to human health and climate change, and how you can grow your own healthy, microbe rich food at home. Wastenot Farms provides compost collection and transforms organic waste into Jocelyn's Soil Booster worm manure. As an all-natural alternative to chemical fertilizers, Jocelyn's Soil Booster is full of the beneficial microbes that feed nutrients to your plants, so you can grow nutritious food to feed your family.

Free webinar: An Ecological Economics Perspective on NAFTA, Trade and Sustainability


Enthusiasm for free trade is based upon the economic theory of comparative advantage.  How well does this theory relate to the modern world?  And how does the typical template of a free trade agreement, such as NAFTA, align with sustainability-oriented objectives of conserving resources, reducing pollution, and promoting more public goods?  Learn about answers to these questions from an ecological economics perspective.  This webinar will introduce a brief written by Eric Miller in support of broader economic literacy on this subject.

Investing in the World You Want - A Conversation with Toby Heaps of Corporate Knights


Registration: $20

Canadians are smart about spending their dollars in support at businesses that share their values, but few make these same conscious decisions around their investments. If we recognize the dangers of climate change, why are we invested in Exxon? If we work in protection of farmland ecosystems, why do we own shares of Monsanto?

Saving money for retirement is important, but what kind of world will we be retiring into?

Free Webinar: Energy Democracy


The near-unanimous consensus among climate scientists is that the massive burning of gas, oil, and coal is having a cataclysmic impact on our atmosphere and climate, and is depleting the Earth’s natural resources, including its land, food, fresh water, and biodiversity.


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