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Net-zero Energy Retrofit - Tour (23-24 September 2017)


As part of Green Energy Doors Open, you are invited to come take a look at the house to see the progress and learn more about the strategies being used to make it Net-zero. 

There will be tours at 1pm and 3:30 pm on Saturday and on Sunday. To learn more about the net-zero energy retrofit visit: http://www.coolearth.ca/net-zero-energy-retrofit/


The Great Lakes and Blue Flag Beaches


The Great Lakes hold 20 per cent of the world's available surface freshwater and provide drinking water to 45 million Canadians and Americans. They are a place for connection and recreation, and are the centre of the world's third largest regional economy.

But the lakes are under threat. Overdevelopment, poor shoreline management, and pollution from agricultural and urban areas compromise the health of our lakes. Four out of five Great Lakes are in a state of decline, and climate change will only intensify the problems we?re seeing now.

Webinar: Launching Strong Resources Enabling Local Climate Action


This webinar marks the public launch of the Community Climate Hub  initiative. Coordinating diverse local climate actions across the country has the potential to generate a groundswell of support for ambitious climate policy not only at the municipal level, but provincially and federally as well. Discover tools and best practices that equip citizens to support and undertake ambitious local climate action.

Webinar: How Industry is Constraining Climate Action on Methane


This webinar is organized by Climate Action Network Canada, and features:

Duncan Kenyon, Pembina Institute
Dale Marshall, Environmental Defence
Drew Nelson, Environmental Defense Fund (US)
Keith Stewart, Greenpeace Canada

Register at: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/6047053750735414018


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