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Free webinar: Electric vehicles and their health benefits


September 11th at 11:30 EDT, The Climate Reality Project Canada will be hosting a Brunch & Learn webinar on electric vehicles and their health benefits.

Webinar: Rebates and Financing for Your Home Renovation


This is the third free webinar in this series offered by the Environment and Energy Division of  the City of Toronto.

Webinar: Energy Considerations for Your Home Renovation


This free webinar is the 2nd in a series hosted by the Environment and Energy Division of the City of Toronto.

Webinar: Planning Your Home Renovation - A Step by Step Guide


BetterHomesTO Renovation Webinar Series

The Environment & Energy Division, City of Toronto, have partnered with the Clean Air Partnership to present a weekly webinar series throughout the summer aimed at Toronto homeowners that will feature leading industry experts on everything from planning a renovation, rebates and financing, to the home upgrades that will make homes more comfortable and climate-friendly. 

Webinar: Clearing the Air - Pollution, Transportation, and Inequality


Explore not only how vehicle pollution harms our health, but particularly harms people living near major roads and highways. It is one of many reasons that low-income, racialized and marginalized communities have less access to clean air.

Join this live talk to hear from Darnel Harris from Our Greenway Conservancy and Sabat Ismail, member of Transportation Equity Toronto, as they share examples of community-led solutions for equitable access to transportation in Toronto neighbourhoods that are most impacted by traffic pollution.


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