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Why should we care?


Dire reports have been coming out over the past weeks on climate destabilization:
IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5 degrees C

Lancet Countdown 2018 Report: Briefing for Canadian Policymakers

Losing Life on Earth - how do stop the loss of wildlife?


During our planet’s 4.5 billion-year history, there have been five large species’ extinction events. Today in the Anthropocene (a new era shaped by humans) we are witnessing a sixth mass extinction. Globally, wildlife populations have declined by 58% since 1970. The things driving this unprecedented decline - habitat loss, climate change, pollution, and human use - are due to human activities, especially since the industrial revolution. It’s up to us to turn things around. 

Being the Change -- Free screening and discussion


Being the Change -  Live Well and Spark a Climate Revolution
A New Kind of Climate Documentary, by Mary Grandelis and Dave Davis

Complementing the book Being the Change, this feature documentary film delves into the life of Caltech / Jet Propulsion Laboratory atmospheric scientist Peter Kalmus, showing how a change in life philosophy and mind frame enabled Kalmus to cut his fossil fuel use to 1/10 th of the average American. All while boosting his happiness and raising a family in a typical California suburb.

Helping Seniors - Toronto's Greenest Neighbourhoods at Syme 55


Lunch (not mandatory): 12 noon / $6 

Info Session: 1 pm

RSVP: 416-766-0388

Please note that this event has been rescheduled from morning to afternoon. You are welcome (but don't feel obliged) to join Syme 55+ clients for lunch at noon. The cost is only $6 for a nutritious, in-house made meal. The info session will follow at 1pm. Please RSVP and mention that you were referred by Green 13. The deadline for RSVPs is Wednesday, September 19th at 4pm. 


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