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Tree For Me - Tree Giveaway and Workshop


The Tree for Me event in our neighbourhood will take place at the Annette Street Public Library between 10am - 1pm on Saturday October 29. At the Tree for Me event, participants are asked to take part in tree planting and tree care workshop prior to receiving their free tree. You do not have to live in the Junction to take advantage of this opportunity - when you check online, you will see other locations and dates to pick up a tree.

The Winning of the Carbon War


The Winning of the Carbon War - power and politics on the front lines of climate and clean energy 

Humanity is in a race, a kind of civil war.

Green 13's October movie will be Jeremy Leggett presenting some of the key reasons he believes the world is starting to win the carbon war. He will document the political battles being fought, and won, on the frontlines of climate and energy policy.

The video will be followed by an open discussion about his findings and potential implications for Canada.

Green 13 monthly planning meeting


Join  Green 13 for our monthly planning meeting. This month we expect to discuss the Adopt-a-tree program, and building a network of community stakeholders to boost preparedness for extreme weather  events. 

Help quench the Thirst! Aug. 25


Although rain keeps appearing in the forecast, precious little seems to be making it to the ground. 

If you have a watering can, please bring it along. Otherwise, we have a couple on hand. 

Meet at Vine Ave. Park. We'll water there, then head to Dundas St. W. to water the N side from Keele to Indian Grove.  

Many hands make for light work, and deeply appreciative trees.



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