Zero Waste Community Action Planning

27 Nov 2018 - 6:00pm to 28 Nov 2018 - 7:45pm

Church of the Epiphany and St. Mark / 201 Cowan Ave. /Toronto

Come build a shared vision of zero waste for Parkdale! 

Here are some of the topics: What are you interested in?

•Community sharing and creative reuse

    •e-waste, repair, & bicycling

     • ecoparents

• ecofashion & household goods

• community cleanups

•Communications: outreach, education & advocacy

• food: gleaning, growing, planning, prep, compost & more

Connect and get involved with organizations and neighbours reducing waste in Parkdale!


Please RSVP: web:

                      : email:  or

                      : phone: 647 438 0038

A project by:

    Zero Waste Hub Toronto

    Green Parkdale

     Greenest City 

     Church of the Epiphany and St. Mark

     with other organizations and you!