Water is Life: continuing to strengthen a Great Lakes Commons

14 Mar 2018 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm

WHAT: Nestlé's bottled water takings, the privatization of water infrastructure and the pollution of water impact Great Lakes communities and violate Indigenous treaty rights. Residents, Indigenous representatives and water groups came together in Flint, Michigan last September to oppose the commodification and privatization of water, and honor water sovereignty. Join us on March 14 to continue to talk about how Great Lakes peoples can take action to shift water ownership into guardianship and uphold the human right to clean water.

This online event is a continuation of the Water Is Life Summit held in Flint in September 2017. Several Great Lakes organizations organized a summit to make links between water access and quality in communities of colour and on First Nations reserves. There was also connections between permits to take water for bottling - by Nestle. The issue of water infrastructure was also highlighted.

Hosted by the Council of Canadians