Introduction to Project Drawdown: Reverse Global Warming by 2050

27 Feb 2018 - 7:00pm to 9:30pm

OCAD University / 100 McCaul St. / 2nd floor auditorium, Room 230

As copied from Unify Toronto communications:

Greetings Friends,

On Wednesday January 31st, approximately 140 people braved the weather to attend the first Introduction to Drawdown hosted by Unify Toronto. If you were there at the event we thank you for making the evening such an enjoyable, and hopeful evening.

It was wonderful to share the exciting possibility of reversing global warming with a group of like-minded, thoughtful, committed people.  We were especially moved to see how many people stayed around afterward to connect with each other, discovering what is already being done in our communities to bring about drawdown, and exploring how to move even further in that direction....

For those of you who wanted to come last time but couldn't make it, the next session will be February 27th and will be repeated twice more after that (see the attached schedule). We also have a 13 month program planned with the aim of generating enough activity to make Toronto a hub of Drawdown activity in the North America.

Please use the eventbrite invitation below to register and to send to your networks.

The 13 Month Program Schedule follows below.
We are also stoked to see from your responses to our invitations to participate how many people want to play an active role in Drawdown Toronto.  We anticipate that as people contact others in their networks this team will grow quickly. As you'll see from the schedule there are 3 more introductions planned and several issue areas explorations as well as three 4 part courses for those who want to go deeper into the potential of this initiative.

Meanwhile, we invite you to  get more information about Drawdown at To find out more about the Pachamama Alliance, creators of the Drawdown introduction and course, go to

And to find out more about the host organization, Unify Toronto, go to

We are excited to see what miracles we can produce working together to bring carbon back home where it belongs.

Jon Love and Satya Robinson

for the whole Unify Toronto Drawdown Team

Drawdown Toronto 13 - Month Plan

Key Elements of the plan:


Introduction to Drawdown Blitzes

Multiple Introductions (Like this event) in the same month, on different days of the week so people with different schedules can attend. We, at Unify Toronto are counting on people who receive this to enroll their friends and colleagues, and then snowball from there.

GTA Drawdown Sector Summits

In the months in between Intro Blitzes, Unify Toronto will host gatherings of people who are participating in a specific sector of Drawdown solutions. Each summit will feature a panel of presenters who are producing amazing results in that sector, and will create opportunities for everyone who is contributing to solutions in that sector to connect and support each other in ways that accelerate the achievement of Drawdown.


Pachamama Alliance Drawdown Courses

These 4 session courses are for people who want to deepen their understanding of Drawdown, deeply engage with and figure out how to accelerate specific solutions locally, as well as spread the message of hope that Drawdown offers: “Reversing Global Warming is not only possible. it’s actually already underway.”

All-Sector Drawdown Toronto Conference or Expo

In February of 2019 Unify Toronto will bring together experts and activists in every sector of Drawdown who are  building Toronto and the GTA into a Drawdown leader of the world. The purpose will be to coordinate and empower solutions underway in the GTA so that Toronto becomes a model for other cities around the world. We anticipate having participation from GTA communities, the city government, organizations and companies which are making a difference, as well as recognition from around the world.


Creating a Drawdown Toronto Core Team

A core group of volunteers will co-ordinate and execute the plan, inspired by the dedicated, tried and true leadership of the Unify Toronto Team who have created this event.

Specific Dates in 2018/2019


Introduction Blitzes:

Tuesday February 27, Thursday March 22, Wednesday March 28

Month of June - dates to be determined

Month of September - dates to be determined

Pachamama Alliance Drawdown Courses

Course 1 - Monday’s: March 12, 19, 25 & April 30

Course 2 - Wednesday;: June 13, 20, 27 & August 1

Course 3 - Monday’s: September 10, 17, 24 & October 22


GTA Drawdown Sector Summits

April 25 - Food Sector Summit

May 16 - Transport Sector Summit

July 25 - Energy Sector Summit

August 29 - Building and Cities Sector Summit

October 24 - Women and Girls Sector Summit

November 28 - Land Use Sector Summit

December Break - No Program Scheduled

January 30 - Materials Sector Summit


All-Sector Drawdown Toronto Conference or Expo

Last week of February 2019 - dates to be determined