Funding Cities With Local Energy: Geothermal Urban Royalties

20 Jan 2015 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm

Swansea Town Hall

95 Lavinia Avenue


Free Event.
Funding Cities With Local Energy: Geothermal Urban Royalties
With new leaders at Queen’s Park and City Hall, now’s the time for new ideas to deal with some of Ontario's, and Toronto’s, most pressing problems. On January 20th Green 13 will begin a discussion about how the most efficient heating and cooling systems – district wide ground source geothermal – can play a central role in a new model to provide sustainable funding for transit without raising taxes. By shifting to local geothermal energy sources, Ontarians can stop importing energy that takes jobs and money out of our municipal and provincial economies.
Our evening will begin with a presentation explaining what ground source geothermal energy is – hint, it’s hiding just below the surface of our city. This will be followed by a second presentation explaining options and ideas for using geothermal resources to heat homes, create jobs, and pay for Ontario’s transit. 
Following the presentations there will be a discussion about the opportunities and challenges to bringing about such significant shifts in energy use and our economy. As the news demonstrates more clearly every day, it is not sustainable to continue to base our future on the economic and environmental challenges created by fossil fuel industries. Join us for a glimpse into a sustainable future.
Douglas Worts will present on:
  • GHG emissions from buildings
  • What is geothermal heating/cooling, compared to traditional oil/gas systems?
    • moves heat around, instead of generating it
    • technical components, drilling requirements, infrastructure
    • Efficiency of geothermal, compared to oil/gas
    • lifespan of a geothermal system
    • geothermal for individual buildings vs district approach
  • Challenges and opportunities of geothermal
    • deep wells or lots of land
    • retrofitting old houses to minimize heat-loss and to fully utilize the benefits of geothermal
    • societal reliance on hydrocarbon-based infrastructure - status quo
    • geology of Toronto
    • creating/finding an organization to plan and manage development and implementation of a viable district geothermal system 
    • cost - it is expensive on the capital side, but efficient in the operation — vs the availability of cheaper systems
    • our society does not demand full-cost accounting from its economy
  • Green Laurier - a case study, supported by Live Green Toronto

Free event. Come on down!