Free Webinar: Energy Democracy

4 May 2018 - 1:15pm to 2:45pm

Online. Free. Register well in advance at:

The near-unanimous consensus among climate scientists is that the massive burning of gas, oil, and coal is having a cataclysmic impact on our atmosphere and climate, and is depleting the Earth’s natural resources, including its land, food, fresh water, and biodiversity.

Climate and environmental impacts are particularly magnified and debilitating for low-income communities and communities of color. These communities often live closest to toxic sites, are disproportionately impacted by high incidences of asthma, cancer and rates of morbidity and mortality, and lack the financial resources to build resilience to climate change.

Join SSF and Island Press in a 90-minute webinar about the emerging field of energy democracy, a movement that frames the struggle of working people, low income communities, and communities of color to take control of energy resources and use those resources to empower their communities. Energy poverty is a shocking political reality in the United States and is more important than ever to combat as we face the impacts of climate change.

Denise Fairchild
The webinar will be led by Denise Fairchild, the inaugural president of the Emerald Cities Collaborative, and a co-editor of Energy Democracy. Denise has dedicated over 30 years to strengthening housing, jobs, businesses, and economic opportunities for low-income residents and communities of color, domestically and internationally.

As more speakers are confirmed, this will be updated.