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Upcoming Community Events

Railpath entrance at Wallace Avenue (south of Dupont, west of Perth, north of Bloor).2:00 p.m startRSVP: Toronto Protocol RSVP Line 416-392-7667This is an opportunity to raise awareness on our issue.We need someone to organize the Clean Train Coalition presence at this event (we can provide you with flyers).Please let us know if you would like to do this

And other upcoming events...

An Evening With Elizabeth May, federal Green Party Leader

Thurs. Oct 29 – Electric trains information meeting
hosted by Rosario Marchese

Array Music Studios, 60 Atlantic Ave, Suite 218 (in LibertyVillage)
Speakers: Mike Sullivan of the CTC will speak on the issue and Dr. Avrum Regenstreif will talk about electric train technologies.
Fri. Oct 30 – West Toronto Railpath opening

13 Ways to Make Cool Reusable Shopping Bags for Free

By Jaymi Heimbuch

Sure, there are a million places to shop for reusable grocery bags these days. But your home likely holds countless resources to help you create one-of-a-kind bags for free!
Raw materials for cool one-of-a-kind shopping bags are laying around your house right now. Make fun, unique, and thrifty reusable shopping bags that are either quick fixes or that will bring out the craftster in you.

Grandparents and Grandchildren Take Action on Climate Change!

For Our Grandchildren is a voluntary organization that connects grandparents who wish to ensure security and sustainability in the lives their grandchildren. Our organization explores the intimate relationship grandparents have with their grandchildren.

Our vision:
To connect and empower grandparents and prospective grandparents who are concerned about the effects of climate change, and enable them to join a movement to counter and prepare for these effects on behalf of all of our grandchildren.

Toronto Climate Campaign

International Climate Day of ActionSaturday, October 24, 2:00 pm Queen's Park, Toronto

Toronto Climate Campaign is organizing a rally on October 24th, aspart of a climate day of action. People across Canada and the worldwill be coming together as part of, building a movement tounite the world around solutions to the climate crisis – thesolutions that science and justice demand.


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