Ward 13 Celebrates Green Energy

Saturday, October 4th marked Green Energy Doors Open 2014, the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association’s (OSEA) 3RD annual, single-day showcase of sustainable energy and the green energy economy. Green Energy Doors Open is an opportunity to meet new people, find out first hand about the opportunities and benefits of sustainable energy, and celebrate green energy. Over 110 locations across Ontario and Alberta participated this year. Here in Ward 13, Green 13 organized a tour of green energy highlights in our ward, and visited 6 venues in our community, as well as one in Ward 14.
At Humbercrest Loblaw tour visitors were warmly received by store manager Haitham Rahhal, Corporate Social Responsibility Specialist Rosanna DAlessandro and by Tom Marson, Project Manager for Loblaws Solar Panel Installation projects. The store installed 605 solar photovoltaic panels on its roof, and generates 178 megawatt hours of electricity per year, the equivalent amount of energy needed to power 19 average homes in Canada for one year. This is one of Loblaw Companies' 62 solar projects in Ontario, through the Feed-In Tariff program of the Green Energy Act, generating clean, renewable power.  
In addition to the solar installation at this site, the Loblaws store has completed a major lighting retrofit, thereby conserving energy.
Closeby, the Wash N Go carwash/laundromat/dog wash, at 4000 Dundas St. W. heats its water through its rooftop solar thermal system, using evacuated tubes to efficiently convert solar energy into heat which is then stored  in large tanks and used by the facilities. This provides a significant portion of the hot water used on site, thereby reducing energy use and reducing costs at this location.
The owner of the private residence at Gilmour and Woodside presented his 3 sets of PV panels, 43 in all, as well the solar hot water installation on the fourth side of the home. The solar PV array has been producing clean, green renewable energy under the microFIT program since December 2011.
At the dental practice of Dr. Carolyn Poon Woo and Associates,  located at 2274 Bloor St. W., tour visitors were graciously received by Dr. Poon Woo and Gerry LeeWing. Visitors were utterly impressed by the thoughtful, thorough. and beautiful execution of energy efficiency and conservation features built into this astounding retrofit. It emphasizes features which promote a healthy environment for both patients and staff by investing in technology that provides clean air and water, natural light, noise reduction, recycling, and conservation of natural resources.
At Generate Fitness, 2199 Bloor St. W. visitors learned that power generated on stationary bicycles is used to power their fans at their facility.
At High Park Children’s Garden, dedicated staff, busy cooking for the next day’s Harvest Festival highlighted green energy features such as the solar PV collectors on the roof. The kitchen was built with environmentally friendly methods and locally purchase materials, including plastered straw bale walls, a green roof, a rainwater harvesting system, an in-floor radiant heating system, an organic garden… Deep thanks to all who have collaborated over time to bring about this  beacon of sustainability and inspiration for our young people and nature.
In addition to these 6 sites in Ward 13, visitors were received at Heintzman Place, 61 Heintzman St. where 643 suites were completed late 2010 by Options for Homes, a not for profit. Solar thermal panels located on the E tower generate 30% of the hot water and heating used in the building annually, meaning substantial savings to residents. Sustainability features include centralized air recovery / ventilation, a green roof, waste tri-sorter, individual suite metering for water and electricity, car share on site, bike racks aplenty… Options for Homes is now proposing a new project for 2015 -’16 at a new Toronto location - a Low Carbon Condo  which will further step up sustainability features.

To find out about the many other events which took place across Canada at GEDO the same day, visit: http://greenenergydoorsopen.ca

Save the date for Green Energy Doors Open 2015,  October 3rd!


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