"Tree for Me" - how you can help boost our tree canopy

The following blog post is courtesy of Pam Mountain:

TREE FOR ME is a new initiative that community groups in the Junction are involved in, along with the Annette Street Library. This summer's drought was extremely hard on our trees. Many city trees were not watered, unless local residents took it upon themselves to water them. The tree canopy in Toronto is about 26% tree cover at present. The Junction is an area of the city that is quite devoid of trees, mainly because of industrial usage north of the rail line. While we nees to better protect exisiting trees, we also need more trees.

Help Grow the Tree Canopy in Toronto.  Here's How to Get a Free Tree Matched

to the Conditions of your Property!

Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation has been helping Toronto transform its parks and green spaces since 2002. The foundation works in partnership with the City of Toronto, community groups, neighbourhoods, individuals and the business community to reimagine local parks and improve the health of Toronto's urban forest by supporting tree planting and stewardship efforts.


Tree For Me is a new initiative of the Foundation. It matches Toronto residents with the right tree for their property, contributing to the City's goal of 40% tree cover. Tree for Me is partnering with local community groups Green 13 and the Junction Residents' Association.


The Tree for Me event in our neighbourhood will take place at the Annette Street Public Library between 10 am - 1 pm on Saturday, October 29. At the Tree For Me event, participants are asked to take part in a tree planting and tree care workshop prior to receiving their free tree.


Tree For Me offers residents anywhere in Toronto a free native tree that is grown from local seed stock. The trees are best suited to grow in Toronto and adapt to the immediate and future impacts of climate change. What better way to start to renew our urban forest!


Tree For Me isn't a simple tree giveaway. It works to ensure that you receive the tree best suited for your desired planting space, partake in a workshop on proper tree planting and tree care, and go home with handy reference materials. Tree For Me will ask you to map your tree at Citytrees.ca so that we can all see the tree canopy growing.


Participating in Tree for Me is simple. Go to tptf.ca and click on the Register Now button on the Tree For Me  website to sign up for a tree. You will be asked a few questions about your property to help match you with the right tree.  Once you choose your tree, you can choose your pick up time on October 29. The workshops that day are 30 minutes long, and you choose the best time for you between 10 am - 1 pm. Along with your tree you will also receive a free bag of mulch.


If at any time you require assistance, you can email info@tptf.ca or call (416) 465 7555. Once registered, you will receive a follow up email with details about your tree and pick up event.


Tree For Me is part of the Every Tree Counts campaign, a partnership with the City of Toronto to plant more trees across Toronto.