Green 13's Rain Barrel Sale Fundraiser - Thank You!

Warm thanks to all who made Green 13's Rain Barrel Fundraiser such a success --- to Shaul Kochba the manager of FreshCo on Dundas at Runnymede for allowing rain barrel pick-up at their parking lot; all who shared word of the fundraiser; members of Green 13 who volunteered, liaised, gophered, postered, organized and staffed; to Pam Mountain, the head librarian at Annette Branch which allowed us to display a sample rain barrel; to Larry Pomerantz and the most supportive staff of for their expertise and guidance; to the excellent student volunteers --- Claudia, Ana, Jonah, Stefan, Dante and Cole from Humberside Collegiate.

By way of thanking our community, Green 13 is pleased to offer:

1. a $50 bursary to someone in our ward who wishes to take the imminent 2 1/2 day Tree Inventory Training course being offered the evening of May 31, and the days of Jun 1-2 '13, by Neighbourwoods. More details available from LEAF. This training is offered only twice a year, and is meant for those wishing to volunteer in conducting a comprehensive inventory of our urban forest here in Ward 13. The condition of this bursary is that you accept to volunteer at least 15 hours in canvassing as part of that comprehensive inventory once funds are raised for this comprehensive inventory. For more information, please contact Rita at your earliest convenience (416) 766 6331.

2. two bursaries for students in our ward (high school or graduate) to take LEAF's ( Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests) Tree Tenders course: Please check on line for dates and locations. This course is offered relatively frequently. For more information, please contact Rita (416) 766 6331.