Gasland Part II What about fracking in Canada?

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The current issue of Canadian Perspectives is largely focused on fracking.

Emma Lui, Council of Canadians’ water campaigner, turns our attention to concern about a pipeline extension project for Toronto. Within the month, the Ontario Energy Board will make a major decision about piping fracked gas to Toronto for distribution in southwestern Ontario and Quebec. Enbridge Gas Distribution and Union Gas are petitioning the Ontario Energy Board for new and expanded natural gas infrastructure in the Greater Toronto Area. If the application is approved, millions of people will be relying on imported fracked gas from the U.S. Marcellus shale by 2015.

The approval could open the door to more fracking of the Marcellus shale posing serious risks to the Great Lakes Basin with massive water withdrawals, potential water contamination and pipeline leaks and hazardous waste risks. In addition to being a major threat to Great Lakes communities’ water and air and contributing significantly to climate change pollution, this approval would lead to higher heating costs for Ontario and Quebec residents.
She says the last day of hearings was to be November 8 ’13, but it has just been extended to the 15th. She warns that if this project is allowed, it will increase fracking in Pennsylvania. Please read the following links which Emma has shared with us:

Here’s some info on the pipeline project planned for Toronto that should transport fracked gas from the Marcellus shale:
Three out of three experts agree: a frack pipe is the last thing Toronto needs  
Ontarians: Say "no" to the frack pipe!
Here’s a link to the project documents:
And here’s the blog Emma wrote about the OGS’s study on shale gas:
Take action:
1.  Emma reminds us that it is crucial to write Premier Kathleen Wynne. Click here  to send a letter to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne. Please pass this to your friends, family and colleagues. This action alert is directed at Ontarians but I encourage you to fill this out regardless of where you are because this decision could have a serious impact on the Great Lakes as a whole!
2.   Please consider signing the Council of Canadians "Don't frack with our water" petition:   You can download a copy and gather signatures.
3.   Please consider signing this petition set up by the Toronto chapter of the Council of Canadians:

Following are the links to the interactive map and an article of the pipeline incidents of the past 10+ years.

Canadian and US natural gas pipelines

Pipeline map: Have there been any incidents near you?