Facts About Diesel Trains - Vote 2011

Before you vote on October 6, keep in mind these facts:

FACT: Despite a lot of talk about electric trains, Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal government has approved plans to operate 140 diesel trains daily, 20 hours per day on the rail corridor that runs across our neighbourhoods between Union Station and Pearson Airport.

FACT: The McGuinty government also approved plans to expand the use of diesel trains by GO Transit commuter services on this same rail corridor.

FACT:  The McGuinty government is buying its diesel trains from companies outside Ontario.

FACT: The McGuinty government has not approved funding to convert their foreign-built diesels to electric operation later – just more studies.  They don’t want you to know this.

FACT: Advertising Standards Canada determined that The McGuinty government’s transit agency, Metrolinx, has spent your tax dollars on misleading advertising to confuse residents about the government’s diesel plans.

The McGuinty government’s diesel plans must be scrapped, because:

·        Diesel trains cause dangerous online air pollution.

·        Diesel trains are so noisy that a 10-kilometre-long sound barrier will be required – but it still won’t spare apartment or condo residents from the noise if they live above the third floor.

·        Diesel trains are not suited for making frequent stops and cannot serve our neighbourhoods.


·        Electric trains are green, clean, quiet and fast.

·        Electric trains can operate like above-ground subways, making more stops to serve our neighbourhoods, connect with our local transit lines and benefit our local economies.

·        Electric trains are less expensive to operate – and even Metrolinx studies prove this.

The Pan Am Games are no excuse!

The McGuinty government claims it must push ahead with diesel trains so the Airport Rail Link will be ready for the 2015 Pan Am Games.  Our communities should not suffer for years with the pollution and noise from more diesel trains because of a two-week sporting event.

Before you vote on October 6, ask your candidates if they support the McGuinty diesel train plan or if they will commit to building it right!