Best Forest Friends

The Best Forest Friends social event held by LEAF Friday, November 29th was a wonderful celebration of volunteers who worked throughout 2013 to safeguard our urban forest. Below, Victoria Badham of LEAF acknowledges Rita Bijons and Timothy Watson for their roles in canvassing to heighten awareness of the ravages of the Emerald Ash Borer on ash trees, to take action to save those ash trees which are savable, as well as to invite folks to plant new trees. Rita is Co-Chair of Green 13,  which founded the Save Our Ash project -  ). Besides advocating for ash trees, Timothy also volunteers at a great number of LEAF tabling and demonstration garden events. It was a lovely evening - where tree huggers and tree geeks  savoured the many delights provided by generous sponsors,  enjoyed the camaraderie, and thanked the inspiring team at LEAF. Green 13 offers bursaries to enable people in Ward 13 to acquire training to help safeguard our urban forest: