Green 13 upcoming meetings

Please join Green 13 for a 6:30pm start at their meetings listed below:

We now have confirmation of dates for our Green 13 meetings at Annette Branch Library, with our thanks to Pam Mountain.

At our last meeting we clarified certain difficulties - such as the Oct. 25 election day, and lined up as many dates as possible withthe 4th Monday each month.

Please note below that in place of the originally anticipated Oct. 25 date, we are meeting on Monday, November 1st, and also keeping the Monday, November 22nd date.

So, our meetings are set for the following dates:
● Mon. Nov. 1 2010
● Mon. Nov. 22
● Mon. Jan. 24 2011
* Mon. Feb. 28
● Mon. Mar. 28
* Mon. Apr. 18
● Mon. May 30
● Mon. Jun. 27
● Mon. July 25
● Mon. Aug. 22
● Mon. Sept. 26
● Mon. Oct. 24
● Mon. Nov. 28

Let's talk about the December social (proposed in place of a meeting ) when we meet next, November 1st, and see whether we can provide an answer for Pam regarding December.