Food, Faith, & the Environment

November 9, 7pm,

Bloor Street United Church, 300 Bloor St. W.

In recent years, the health and environmental benefits of local and organic foods, have moved onto the centre stage in our concerns. Urban farming and guerilla and community gardening have become popular activities in Toronto. But does food also help us connect with a deeper sense of community and spirituality?

- David Mayberry of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank will highlight the moral and justice implications of food, pointing to how we all must work to protect our food sources and food security, especially with the growing impacts of drought, expanding deserts, and climate change.

- Risa Alyson Strauss of the Jewish Nature Centre of Canada: Torat HaTeva and the Kavanah Garden will speak on the links between Judaism, food and the environment as well as the deep connection that can be made with the environment through working with the land.

- Genevieve Anderson coordinates the "Eat, Pray, Share" program with Faith Connections exploring such topics as hospitality, grace, God's presence, fasting, feasting, and Eucharist.