Economy, Faith, & the Environment

November 10, 7pm

St. Andrews United Church, 117 Bloor St. E.

This workshop looks at how our present-day economy has negatively impacted the natural environment through its endless growth imperative and consumerism, as well as the options that exist for moving to a sustainable economy that is respectful of the natural world. Participants will engage in small and large group discussions.

- The Hon. David McDonald outlines the present pathway of the destructive impacts of the present economy on the environment, especially the carbon economy and the growing impacts of climate change, highlighting the new ethics that are needed for us to transition to a more viable economy.

- The Hon. Michael Chong, MP for Wellington-Halton Hills, draws on his business experience and his deep concern about the direction of the economy to provide a vision of how we could move away from an economic system that harms and exploits the natural world to one that is sustainable.

- John Dillon, Economic Justice Coordinator for KAIROS, explores the varieties of economic injustice that threatens the well-being of people around the world, and the opportunity to bring together social and economic justice with environmental sustainability.