Earth Hour Update


MARCH 27TH 8:30-9:30 P.M

Power Down in support of Earth Hour 2010

Initiated by community environmental group Green 13, all local businesses are invited to join in the annual global movement in recognition of climate change.

Neighborhood candlelight walks are being organized to raise environmental awareness among residents and local businesses.

What do you can do?

· Power down between the evening hours of 8:30 - 9:30 p.m. on Saturday March 27th 2010

• Display Green 13’s poster on your front door or window

• Illuminate your entrance with candle light if open

• Proudly display your Green Tagged Earth Hour participation Decal/ribbon

• Encourage “Earth Hour specials”

• Participate if you can

What Green13 will do

· Prior to Earth Hour 2010, Green 13 will announce scheduled events and will invite local residents to participate in the annual candlelight walk along business districts

• Supply you with a Poster

• Advertise the event

• Conduct a pre-walk rally with activities, entertainment and refreshments

• Organize the walks with route marshals

• Include your business in a Green Tagged participation competition

• Acknowledge and promote participating business in the local media


• Encourage walkers to patronize restaurants, cafes, pubs and other

business after the walk

Earth Hour 2010 and you

Don’t get caught in the dark, Join Earth Hour 2010

Climate change is often referred to as the challenge of a generation. The global effort to draw attention to this issue and the future of the planet continues with the 3rd annual Earth Hour, scheduled for Saturday March 27th from 8:30 - 9:30. The World Wildlife Federation promotes public participation in Earth Hour in cities around the world.

Here in our neighborhoods in Toronto, Green 13 (a volunteer community group) is organizing community rallies and candlelight walks throughout various local business districts. And we want you to join us!


Power down at home - Shut off your lights, computers and televisions

Then just don’t sit there...go for a walk- a candlelight walk through your neighborhood!

Green 13 is co-ordinating a walk through Bloor West Village, the Junction and assisting with walks in other nearby neighbourhoods. Prior to each walk there will be a rally with entertainment, refreshments and information on other environmental initiatives. Then walks will be held in each business district with individual businesses invited to power down as well.

For more information please contact:

Chris Holcroft, Chair Green 13

416 760-8557 /