Celebrate National Poetry Month at Annette Brach

Sandra Lynn Hutchison
The Art of Nesting

7-8p.. April 22 at the Annette Street Brach

From the critics:

"A very fine poet...her work is a pleasure to read."
"Poems are full of lyric intentsity, subtle grace, clarity, and layers."
"Stunning...a very gifted writer."

Born in Toronto, Sadra Hutchiso did a PhD i oder Poetry at the UofT. For her doctoral dissertatio she wrote a lierary biography of oderist poet Dorothy Livesay. She lives i. Orono, Maine, a full-time writer and a part-time professor of Maine Literarture, Canadian Literarture, and Cross-Border Studies.

We are lucky to host this skilled poet at Annette Branch. Her books include Chinese Brushstroes: Storeis of China (1996), a work of creative non-fiction, and The Art of Nesting (2008). Chinese Brushstroes was chose by Canadian editors as a boo of the year, and some of the poems inthe Art of Nesting received an Emily Dickinson Poetry Prize by Uiversities West Press. A novel, The Red Pen Society, and new collection of poems, The Origin of the Sea, are forthcoming.