Green Energy Doors Open in Ward 13

4 Oct 2014 - 9:45am to 4:15pm

Let's celebrate green energy in Ward 13!

Tour start: 61 Heintzman Street, a detailed schedule of all stops is posted below

Green Energy Doors Open is a province-wide showcase of the green energy economy organized by the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association. As part of this celebration of green energy here in Ward 13, Green 13 has worked with several venues to arrange a tour of some of the wonderful examples of green energy in our Ward. 
We will be visting the following venues:

Heintzman Place
Condominium sustainability features

Humbercrest Loblaws
Solar PV and lighting retrofits

Washngo car wash and laundromat
Solar heated car wash and laundromat

A private residence
Solar PV and solar thermal

Dr. Carolyn Poon Woo and Associates
Energy efficiency in a professional practice

Generate Fitness
Power generated on stationary bicycles

The High Park Children's Garden
The kitchen is built with environmentally friendly methods and locally purchased materials, including plastered straw bale walls, a green roof, a rainwater harvesting system and an in-floor radiant heating system.

People are responsible for their own transportation from site to site. We are encouraging you to join us on your bicycles. In the event that you are unable to cycle, we ask that you try to arrange your own transportation. If you are interested in carpooling, and especially if you are able to offer spots in your vehicle, please send an email with the subject “carpooling Green Energy Doors Open” to green13group (at) Public transit may also be feasible.

RSVP or just come on down!




9:45 am - Heintzman Place, 61 Heintzman Street

Sustainability features at Heintzman Place include: solar thermal heating; energy recovery ventilator; individual hydro metering; waste tri-sorter; car sharing; green roof. Andres Berrio will present the features.


North end of Heintzman St. which is parallel to Keele St. and just one short block north of Dundas St. West. Bikes may be parked at the bike racks in front of 61 Heintzman. If there are not enough spaces at the racks, we can lock our bikes one to another, and lean them against the walls of the courtyard. Make your way to the party room on the ground floor.

Bike route to next venue

  • Cycle south on Heintzman St 1 short block. to Dundas St. W. Dismount.
  • Stay on the north side of Dundas, and walk the bike west to Keele St,, crossing over to the SW corner of Keele and Dundas.
  • Walk bike south 1/3 block to the alley/laneway that leads to the old police station. Ride west in that alley, to Mavety St.
  • Ride bike south on Mavety, to Annette St.
  • Ride bike in bike lane on Annette, west to Clendenan. Dismount at Clendenan and Dundas. Walk bike west along the park, over to the beginning of St. John’s Road. Cross over safely, and cycle west along St. John’s Road to the end, at Humbercrest Blvd.
  • At St. John’s Road and Humbercrest Blvd., ride north to Humbercrest and Dundas. Dismount.
  • Walk the bike west one block to the bike racks located at the north end of the parking lot. They have advised that if additional bike parking is required, folks lock bikes along the railing that heads to the underground parking lot. 

11:00 am – Humbercrest Loblaws , 3671 Dundas St. W.

Tom Marson, Project Manager for Loblaw's Solar Panel Installation projects, will conduct the presentation on behalf of Loblaw.


Meet at the front of the store.

Walking route to next venue:

Leave bikes locked at Loblaw. Walk west about two blocks, past Gooch Ave., west to Humber Hill Ave. Cross at lights to north side of  Dundas,  then walk east back over to the car wash, at 4000 Dundas St. W.


11:45 am – Wash 'N Go   Car Wash/Laundromat  4000 Dundas St. W.

Jup Bhasin will explain how the solar thermal panels heat hot water for this car wash and laundromat.


Meet in front of Wash 'N Go.

Walking / bike route to next venue:

  • Walk W to Humber Hill Ave. Cross south over to S side of Dundas St. 
  • Walk E, back to bike racks at Loblaw. Get bikes.
  • Walk bikes E on Dundas over to Humbercrest Blvd. Cycle S to St.John’s Rd.
  • Cycle E on St. John’s Rd. over to Gilmour.
  • At St. John’s and Gilmour, turn right, heading S to Annette St. Dismount.
  • Walk bike across Annette St., then cycle S to Woodside Ave


12:40 pm  - Residence at 60 Woodside Ave.

 Solar PV and solar thermal on roof.

Bike route to next venue:

  • Cycle west 1 block to Runnymede. Dismount.
  • Walk bike across crosswalk.
  • Cycle W 1 block on Ardagh to Beresford.
  • Cycle S 2 blocks to Bloor St. Dismount.
  • Walk bikes to 2259 Bloor St. W.

2:00 pm – Dental practice of Dr. Carolyn Poon Woo and Associates, 2274 Bloor St. W.

Energy efficiency measures in a professional practice.

Bike route to next venue:

  • Walk bike E on Bloor to Runnymede. Cross to S side and walk E to 2199  Bloor (at Kennedy).

2:45 pm – Generate Fitness 2199 Bloor St. W. (at Kennedy Ave., S side)  

Power generated on stationary bicycles.

Bike route to next venue:

  • Cycle S on Kennedy to Morningside Ave.
  • Cycle E on Morningside to Ellis Ave.
  • Cycle S on Ellis to the S end of Grenadier Pond. Dismount.
  • Walk bike across Ellis to the cement path on the S side of Grenadier Pond.
  • Ride E on the path, over to Colborne Lodge Dr.  Dismount.
  • Walk bike N to just past Colborne Lodge, to the High Park Children’s Garden. Lock bikes at bike racks.

For those coming car or TTC: (link is external)


3:45 pm – High Park Children’s Garden  (just N of Colborne Lodge on Colborne Lodge Drive)  

The kitchen is built with environmentally friendly methods and locally purchased materials, including plastered straw bale walls, a green roof, a rainwater harvesting system and an in-floor radiant heating system.