Call for VOLUNTEERS to help water Junction street trees

We are calling for volunteers to help water Junction street trees.

The severe drought of last summer has really taken its toll on Junction street trees. An updated audit of the 138 trees within bounds of the Junction BIA revealed that 25% of those street trees perished.
We learned, the hard way, that the City does not have the staff to adequately water street trees during drought. We also learned that the contract negotiated by the BIA for watering street flowers did not include watering street trees.

Therefore, this season, in a determined effort to better assure the watering, survival, and care of Junction street trees, the following groups are collaborating: Green 13, LEAF, the Junction BIA, with the support of the City of Toronto, and the Canadian Tree Fund. As a result the Junction Adopt-a-Street-Tree project was formed. Green 13 gratefully acknowledges the generous financial support of the Junction Residents’ Association and of the Toronto Field Naturalists.

Fortunately, after door to door canvassing, to date some 80 trees have been adopted; those businesses or individuals adopting have committed to provide their adopted tree 30 litres of water twice a week.  This link
shows in green which trees have been adopted, in black which trees are yet to be removed, and in red those which have not yet been adopted. If you are able to adopt a tree, please contact: 
Those who adopt a tree are eligible to receive a free watering can to water their adopted tree.

At this time, July 18, there are 50 trees which have not yet been adopted, 50 “orphan” trees. We have drawn up watering routes to assure the watering of these trees. The best times to water are early morning, and in the evening. If you are able to volunteer to help water these trees, please contact:   or call (416) 766 6331