Response to federal government decisions on pipeline projects

On Tuesday, November 29 '16 PM Trudeau made the following announcements:
    Justin Trudeau on Pipeline Proposals  (39 min.)
Below is the response... Read more

Final day of COP22 in Marrakesh

The 22nd session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 22) to the UNFCCC took place from 7-19 November 2016. During COP 22, parties, inter alia, began preparations for entry into force of the Paris Agreement.   

 7-19 November 2016  in Marrakesh, Marrakech, Morocco... Read more

Toronto's latest "Resilient City" Staff Report is now live

Toronto's latest "Resilient City" Staff Report is now live and available here:
The report will be considered by the Parks and Environment Committee at a meeting currently scheduled as follows... Read more

"Tree for Me" - how you can help boost our tree canopy

The following blog post is courtesy of Pam Mountain:
TREE FOR ME is a new initiative that community groups in the Junction are involved in, along with the Annette Street Library. This summer's drought was extremely hard on our trees. Many city trees were not watered, unless local residents took it... Read more

Guest blog by Lance Carlson

A Green 13 Wrap - Lance Carlson     (September 2016)
I attended several of the local Green Energy Doors Open events here in the Junction (all within walking distance) over the weekend and am heartened. I have been saying for years that we really don't have an energy crisis (... Read more